Monday, September 1, 2008

Rock The Young Locals: Blogger + Designer

I truely truely thinks that there's no place for any form of competition between bloggers cause come on, it's a BLOG. It's a personal space, and the popularity is only being judged by the external. So I'm glad that the local bloggers are very friendly and communicable who aren't selfish to share their knowledge.
Anyway, my real point is:

Now, Laila from Rock The Trend's well known among local bloggers for her talent in design, hands down. And now, with her third Capsule Collection, I think we're looking at a top designer in process.

No, I'm not kissing some ass for this. She did not ask me to post this, in fact, I'm very proud to post this entry actually :)

There's MORE! Go HERE to check them all out yourself.
My favourite would be the pensil skirt and the organza trench. If I'm born a girl, I would DEFINITELY get myself those 2.

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