Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NY S/S 09: Victoria Beckham

I'm so proud of her!!
After much anticipation, Victoria Beckham FINALLY came out with her own clothing line! A series of dresses as you can see, I'm pretty much impressed.

Some pointed that her collection contained much inspirations from Roland Mouret, which I can see. But if she said no, who can we further ask ya?
Anyway, those dresses are wearability to it's finest. It's feminine, fitting, complimenting and something that Victoria will definitely wear. My favourite piece would be the sheer neckline dress of the second collage and the white shirt with a criss-cross button-ing, which is very interesting.


ingenue said...

Haha, I can totally imagine Vicky wearing everything in her collection! It's good for her to find something that she can potentially be "good" in.


Bingboompia said...

Though her posh spice days were high and extreme and all, but you know she's not as happy as she can be NOW!

This women is stamped "FASHION PERSONNEL" when she was born. HAHA!