Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Milan S/S 09: Blumarine

It's hard to not anticipate Anna Molinari's Blumarine collections every Milan fashion week cause the elegance from her creations are such quintessentially Milan.

However, there's basically too much elements used by Molinari for Spring 09 to truly pick out a specific theme. Jewels, floral prints, drapes, Philip Treacy-looking millinery, a definite contrast from the previous post of Jill Sander's.

But it would be an assurance that ladies of all ages would be shoving them into their closet as they are pretty much glamorously wearable at it's best.


Anonymous said...

You know, if you're trying to do "reviews", the least you do is to make it interesting? Anyone can upload tons and tons of photos, but your writing is just dry.

Also, do you not check what you blab about?

Your sentences are poorly constructed, and sometimes, they just do not make sense.

"I'm anticipated myself."

Hilarious, much?

"But most of the tailored pieces are also incorporated with fringe details at the hem with creates such groped mystery to the pieces."

with creates such groped mystery???

What is 'groped mystery'?

And 'with creates'?

"The ultimate favourite piece of all minimalists, oversized blazers,"

Oh, since when were oversized blazers the "ultimate favourite of ALL minimalists"? If you're not a minimalist yourself (and you're obviously not, judging by how hard you try), who are you to make such generic, sweeping statements?

"Just when I though the nautical trend's over and done, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana thought it's fashionably late for them to embrace the overused trend for their diffusion line, D&G."

I see. Apparently, you can read the minds of designers. So just because you like to assume that the nautical trend is over, you can say anything you want about designers who incorporate it into their collections.

Trends are just trends. People who are a cut above the rest, will know that. It's how you wear it, the attitude you bring to the trend, that makes one stand out.

Perhaps you're too trendy to understand.

I don't know if your terribly constructed sentences is a consequence of spitting out entry after entry like there's no tomorrow, but really, sometimes they just sound senseless.

I do wish you would stop trying so hard to prove yourself, it's quite obvious and makes the reader wince.


trait said...

^ Thanks :D

Jana TheJunction said...

Stunning colours and so summery...!