Monday, September 8, 2008

S/S 09 Rag & Bone VS Resort 09 Alexander Mcqueen

S/S 09 Rag & Bone

S/S Resort Alexander Mcqueen

It hurts me to have a "VS" with the involvement of Lily Donaldson and Olga Sherer, but I'm viewing it objectively. So I hope you guys will too :)


Anonymous said...

sigh, you know what, you like to over analyze. your little write ups are pretty much just skimming the surface.

sure, u keep posting new entries, and posting practically the entire collection - you know, we can just go to and read their thoughtful reviews, and see the entire collection for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

and if every collection reminds you of a former collection, well kiddo, you know you're over thinking it. too much, too much. sigh.


bingboompia said...

I really don't know how over analyzing can just be a kind of just "skimming the surface".

If I'm going to write for vogue, I'll kill myself if I'm going to write like this. Besides, who can go into details with the limited information we have now. All we have, is pictures girl.
It would be a different story if we were there, looking at the actual fabrics moving, light reflecting, wearbility, mobility, etc.
Anyway, I like the way I'm thinking too much.

But still, I would take your points as advises, and I do agree that I can put in more thoughts to futher analyze collections. So, thanks, anyway.