Monday, November 24, 2008

UK Vogue Wonder Ladies

You know, the fact that everyone worshipping the fierceness of the Paris Vogue team at the moment isn't something doubtable. Carine, Melanie, Emmanuelle, Geraldine, Marie-Amelie, Delans, you know fashion, you would probably already had their names and/or images of their metallic Balenciaga and Manolo Blahnik for Christopher Kane shoes packed uniformly at the back of your mind.

But all-in-all to me, streetstyles, are just streetstyles.
Look, I do agree that they are incredibly chic and it's great that the whole team gets more limelight in and out the industry now. But at the end of the day, the thing that can truly inspire me, would eventually be, still, the product. Yes, by that, I mean the magazine.

So solely on the magazine, by far, as a pathetic stay-home fashion enthusiast blogger, I think the only version of Vogue that had inspired me the most, would have to be UK Vogue. Yes, I might get some "Boo!" along with this, for the zillion times Kate moss had been on the cover, and umpteen editorials featuring Lily Donaldson and Karen Elson. But what I'm talking about here, is the concept of it's editorials.

They have this extra special essence of dreaminess that other version of Vogue can't seem to touch on. And those are created, styling-wise, by my all time favourite fashion directors of the magazine, Kate Phelan and Lucinda Chambers.
Kate Phelan

Lucinda Chambers

Their styling are very bold and dare I say, young and avant-garde. They would use really bright colours while mixing pieces with things from cheap costume shops, or items that just isn't logical to be named apparels.
Kate Phelan's works are sweeter, softer, and more wearable:
Oct 05

July 06

Jan 07

Dec 08

While Lucinda Chambers are more OTT and playful.

April 97
april 02

July 06

Unknown issue date

Dec 08

How fantastic?! And noticed how ordinary they look? That's probably another favourite character I like about both of them. Same logic as the Mulleavy sisters from Rodarte. They're like the noisy sisters behind you in the grocery store queue.


So, which version of Vogue/team is your favourite?

Pics tfs

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