Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pearl White

This is Chadd, a senior sales assistant in a Rick Owens boutique found in NYC, which was posted recently by Sea of Shoes which I love.

I have nooooooo idea how the hell this guy got his skin to look THIS pale. It's putting Dita Von Teese to shame don't you think?
Forget about the joke of being related to Marilyn Manson, what do you think of his outfit ensemble? I love it personally. The draping's marvelous, very Rick Owens indeed.

But I would have to say, no doubt it would be intimidating to be served by him don't you agree?


Dinie said...

what was that all about?sports?


haha.i would run actually scared.tbh.

trait said...

Dinie- HAHA! I've no idea! Too lazy to delete them though..

Anyway yea... A little scary isn't it? But I'm kinda admiring and appreciating his style...

Hafiz said...

He's a bit scary. He could be an albino with dyed hair. Or maybe he's allergic to the sun, haha.

kpriss said...

(you should delete those, it's just spam and you're doing them a favor by letting them have their way with your comments. Plus, your site gets bad marketing with google because you're associated in their indexing with several links from bad or soon-to-be banned sites. Just saying.. it's your blog, do what you think it's best for you)

Now getting back to this white-y guy.. There's just one thing that comes to my mind when I look at it/him/whatever : Jesus F(word-)ing Christ!!!!

Trait said...

Hafiz- Oh yea, maybe albino. But i'm suspecting heavy make-up too!

kpriss- Wow thanks for the advise! Deleted them :D
And you're so funny!!! HAHAHA!!

yiqin; said...

I actually thought that he was a mannequin when I first saw the photo :/ it's pretty freaky to me though I love the outfit.

Trait said...

yiqin- mannequin?! HAHA! He's just surreal somehow eh?

Anonymous said...

uarghh i still get the creeps everytime I see that photo of him! Xp saw it on Sea of Shoes and couldn't help but shudder. While I do admire his ability to carry off that all black somber look... he really is just plain creepy!

Anonymous said...



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