Friday, November 7, 2008

Answered, So Soon?

Almost a week ago, I confessed how much I anticipate to see a celebrity in this specific Basso & Brooke Spring 09 dress here:
And Thanks to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, I found out that Katy Perry wore the dress at the MTV Europe music awards press conference before the show yesterday:
Never expected to see this one coming, but still pleasant :D


Loraine said...

You're right! This dress is stunning, the colours are quite magical , very fresh, very new, unexpected and yet quite classic - surely its within my top 3 favorite of SS09 - Katy Perry worn it amazingly well !!! BRAVO KATE - BRAVO B&B.

trait said...

HI loraine!

YES YES YES!! Couldn't agree more with you!! And the oriental aura is undeniably GORGEOUS!

Honestly, I never thought katy perry would pick that as I thought the shade of blue would only compliment dark skin tones, but i was proven wrong!! Katy looked stunning, like u said!