Sunday, November 9, 2008


After a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait, the Sonia Rykiel S09 show was FINALLY uploaded in youtube.
It's one of my favourite show because:
-It's hands-down, one of the biggest BIGGEST show of the season, as it's Sonia Rykiel's 40th anniversary.
-All the top designers created their own Sonia Rykiel tribute pieces at the end.
-Some of them are in the audience seats.
-All the top models walked.
-Every season, her shows brings smiles, by how lively and joyful they are.

Favourite moments:
- Every Lily & Raquel appearance, especially when she starts singing with the music!
- Irina L appearance. She totally lost it in the show! HAHA!
- All the partying
- The girls bows to the Sonia Rykiel
- Basically, every minute of the show!


jo said...

irina's hilarious!

Trait said...

She is!! The show's just high high high!

Laila said...

I thought Irina is drunk. If I am an editor at the front row I would be scared O_o

And you forgot to mention Suvi's booty shake! *ROFL

trait said...

Actually i was thinking the same thing! She looked high from something...

OH YEA! WE TALKED ABOUT IT DIDNT WE?! HAHA! this show's just magnificent.