Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keep An Eye Out For Them

"A New Dawn, A New Day", the editorial featuring the latest freshman in the industry. Not a better name to introduce them don't you think.
Craig Lawrence, Yang Du, Antonin Tron, Katie Eary, Annalisa Dunn & Dorothee Hagemann from Copperative Designs, Sandra Backlund, Annika Berger, Alice Kirkpatrick, Jessica Au and Andrea Cammarosano, are the lucky 18 graduated designers from arts and fashion schools from all over London that are featured in the December 08 issue of Dazed & Confused.
Now I hope you guys know why I'm in love with London fashion so much!
The metallic coat from Anotonin Tron I posted about here. And most recently, posted by Susie Bubble here.

Styled by Katie Shillingford, looking young and accessorized with Dr Martens and all stars sneakers, which is much like the style of the young stylist and editor .

Shot by Daniel Sannwald

Models- (Super skinny) Kate Somers & Nathan Sutherlan

Pics- tfs


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos! i've never heard of Dazed and Confused before. I'm going to check that out immediately =)

Bingboompia said...

Yea you should!! Am gonna buy this issue! :D:D:D