Sunday, November 16, 2008

BagFires: Miroslava Style

If Carine Roitfeld's all about the shoes, than Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia would have to be about the BAGS.

Hermes Birkin, Prada croc, YSL II, Chanel 2.55, you name them, the young economist seems to own them all.
It's all glamorous and envious, but I will have to say, handbags in general do takes away the chicness among fashion personnel. To me, IT bags are for flaunting while running errands.
Or maybe I'm too used to them full-handed with phones, notes, invitations, etc, while hastily stomping their 6/ 7/ 8 inch heels between shows to shows during fashion week.
Pics- tfs


Inma said...

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fashionaddict said...

i am ridiculously jealous of her Kelly bag collection.

trait said...

Fashionaddict- ME TOO! The other person that I can think of with so many luxurious bags would have to be victoria beckham. HAHA!

ingenue said...

omg i totally love miroslava!! you beat me to blogging bout her! haha


trait said...

x-wen- I'VE NO IDEA! HAHA! Well, this post does nothing in-depth, so you can still do that! :D

Anonymous said...

wow those are great photos! where'd you see all of them? i'm actually loving her long skirt in the first photo and that lovely checkered coat in another photo...X) *sighs dreamily*

Anonymous said...

she has a freaking Yves Saint Laurent crocodile muse bag!!?? Argh darn jealous, even a croc birkin! then again, how can u not love ysl~

trait said...

Details of Fabric- Yup, she does knows style. But I'm thinking a little trendy don't you think?

Toosan- Haha! Saw your blog, and you DO love some ysl! :D

Anonymous said...



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