Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's about time?

It has always been a Love/Hate relationship for High-street stores to me, honestly. Walking into one of them, is like viewing a collage of the most prominent trends of the season. And by that, I mean Rip-Offs.

Undoubtedly, I gave myself in at times, like my Mulberry Bayswater rip-off bag. But it's the guilt that made me squeeze it in a corner with my Mum's piling mountain of unused bags.

I mean, designers cracked their heads every season to deliver stunning shows, and all these high-street stores do, is get "inspired". Genuine trends are one thing, but incorporating the whole idea, to me, it's way overboard.

But still, designers are one-by-one handing themselves to the growing list of collaborations to these high-street stores, cause simply, they make millions and has a broader target audience.

As you guys know, Alexander Mcqueen would have a capsule collection with Target under his McQ line, which would hit the stores next March. But during his McQ press day recently, guests are greeted by this invitation:

Everyone was assuming a collaboration collection with Topshop, but nope. Mcqueen's "Chopshop" was meant to be a joke about how Topshop regularly used his runway shows ideas for their own, which is really true, honest, and daring.

By "daring", I mean, Topshop has basically an empire! Names like Christopher Kane, Lousie Goldin, Kate moss, and many others were chucked under the retailer's brand, and made millions. Especially, the first 2 designers, whose LFW shows are sponsored by them.

But though being a joke, would that affect Mcqueen's reputation among the high street retailers, especially when he himself is going to work with Target.

Your opinion?


ingenue said...

I don't have a problem with high-street labels seeking "inspiration" from the runway - and I always find it a "gem" when I picked out something almost similar. It's definitely bad for the designers but it's good for the frugal fashionistas like me!

If I've all the money in the world, of course I'll get the real thing.

Trait said...

Actually, I really do agree with u. High street labels do help us to get that perfect piece off the runway that we lusted for throughout the season.
But I just feel so bad for the designer! Especially if we know that we love him/her/them, we would wanna try to support, or even avoid buying something that stole their idea.
So like what i said, it's a love/hate thing.

Lunar said...

With a measly student budget, I find high street labels dauntingly overpriced and its even worse when many of them have ratty frayed ends or wavy sewing lines.
I do agree though that it helps us sift out what's the latest "in" thing and allow us to get something as similar as possible as their runway counterparts.
Definitely a love/hate relationship.... I'm so sitting on the fence...