Friday, November 14, 2008

There's Nothing Personal, It's All Fashion

Work at day, social parties at night.
Says who fashion is gonna be easy?

Isn't Zac Posen DASHING?! Silk bow ribbon tie and double blazer layering!
And what's up with the crossed-eyes, Richard Chai?!?! HAHA!
As for Anna Wintour, her coat is of course, from Prada, without a shadow of a doubt.



laila said...

grahhh I see my bbs Phillip Lim and Richard Chai... coolest best buds ever!

nah his eyes are naturally close to each other. LOL

trait said...

REALLY?! I thought I saw other pics they're pretty normal.

ok, we should drop this, if not i'm gonna LOL again. HAHA!