Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mens S/S 09 (Givenchy)

Just when I touched on androgyny...

Take a look at Givenchy:

It's all blended pretty decently, with just a whiff of it faintly. Spandex/latex, laces, see-throughs and of course, HOT pink. If it's not because of the HUGE muscular tattooed models wearing some kickass mean faces, there would be NO DOUBT that the show can be mistaken to be some gay parade or something.
Then again,
it's THOSE elements that fascinates me really. I've seen those "shorts-over-tights" ample times but having them in spandex/latex amused me.
Those shoes are some interesting pieces too. Couldn't make out the high-cut part as socks, or just soft highcuts. But aren't they a breath of fresh air?

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