Monday, June 30, 2008

Mens S/S 09 (Number (N)ine)

Besides from having an unquantifiable love for fashion, fantasy movies are pretty much in the second place(or third, behind music).

So, after countless array of fantasy movies I'd enjoyed, there's this bugging question thats been swimming in my head for quite sometime now. Costumes from "Lord of the Ring", "Stardust", "Pirates of the Caribbean" all seems to be dubiously of the same timeline doesn't it? I'm not a scholar in history studies but I certainly hope it's not wrong to calling them "victorian era".

Alright, the reason for the above clarification was how Number (N)ine's latest show rings back those queries.

A designer that I'm always on a look out for during Mens fashion week, the unpredictable theme always stamps a deep impression for me.

Of course, for an everyday outfit, I wouldn't wear a full assemble from any one of the presented but, off individual piece, they would certainly make some grounding statements. I'm looking at all of the florals garments which, like how it's shown, are excellent for layerings.

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