Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mens S/S 09 (Versace)

The play of formality has always interest me cause lets face it, for mens fashion, tuxedos/suits are irreplacable despite how limited in creative aspects can be placed in them.


for Versace, formality in 09's S/S translates to me as what I called "The breeze".

Milky cool colours, thin fabrics like silk(Donatella Versace's favourite by the way), tuxedo suits that doesn't look AS tough as the norm and soft flowing scarves are what makes this collection so wafted.

Outerwear brought in another interesting taste with the paper-like patched jacket and double breasted cardigan.

The whiff of the smoke print caught the essence of atmosphere finitely.

Chunchy light shaded sandals and ever so chic aviator glasses ends off the breezy formality in such a pleasurable way.

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