Saturday, June 21, 2008

Should I?

As I strolled cross the endless glass panels filled with display, something caught me off-guard.

With a little more detail on the supporting strip(draw it in your own mind), THIS, is what caught me on. It's slightly bigger than what it's supposedly being a handbag, which is good. Making it less feminine.
Broadly speaking, I really don't care if it's from a ladies bag store or whatever.
What I'm concern is, it's obviously counterfeit! For those who still don't realise(or have not been reading this space), the picture above is from Mulberry, which I'm DROOLING to own one.
I'm sure fashion eyes would have realised that there are MANY counterfeit bags/shoes slotted in shalves of inexpensive-yet-appropriate looking stores like Charles & Keith, Everbest, Aldo, Nine West, you name it. Forging items ranges from Hermes Birkin to Christian Louboutin Pumps to Giambattista Valli signature platforms to Yves Saint Laurent "Tribute" shoes.
I'm drowning in love with the bag I saw, but still worried about the issues above.

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