Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chanel Fall 08 Couture

It's undoubtable that both fashion legends Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour are very good friends(or it seems to be) with multiple pictures with them taken together.

Like what VOGUEITE pointed out, there's a strong Anna Wintour aura steaming out from the show.

The show started with some quintessential Chanel Tweed designs of coats, dresses and skirts.

Than, Shapes becomes more defined.

It's always another experience viewing Chanel Couture/Prêt-à-porter shows cause it's more of a "cleaner" art to me as compared to Christian Dior(John Galliano) which is can bring both Couture/Prêt-à-porter shows kinda hard to digest.

So even with John Galliano's breath-taking Couture this season, Karl Lagerfeld brought out his usual fetish for the 50s tweeds, blunt shades and enormous amout of flowy fabrics.

Though some of the pieces do architecturally resembles what Alexander Mcqueen would come up with.

A dress covered with bells Bjork wore for her "Who Is It?" video.

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