Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Roland Mouret Fall 08 Couture

Sigh, after much effort, I just cant find any FREE(yes, I'm cheap) pictures from Roland Mouret Fall 08 Couture! Ok, and also, I'm in such confusion of whether it's Couture fall 08 or it's Prêt-à-Porter S/S 09 or it's Prêt-à-Porter Fall 08. Kinda disappointing how little media attention he got?!

Oh well, these are 12 of the 21 pieces I managed to grap.

He stood firmly to what he had always been known for, define cuts and paper-like gowns and dresses.
I'm loving EVERY SINGLE PIECE here, with the second pic being my favourite one. The waistline details are intricate yet explicitly crafted.

Sigh, again, for Mouret and for myself who's here trying to post pofessionally.
Any help of the (remaining)pictures would be deeply appreciated!


Anonymous said...

this is his Spring 2009 pret-a-porter show. he tends to show that line during couture weeks. besides, it's RM by Roland Mouret, so it's definitely not couture.

that said, while the clothes are undeniably chic, the silhouettes and shapes are too similar to his previous collections. i would say his peak was a few years back, but Roland has got to do something more.

that's all.

Bingboompia said...

Though my research kinda differ, thanks for that info whoever you are!

Actually, like what you said, those silhouettes, shapes and cuts are indeed very similiar to his previous seasons but, personally, a designer don't have to evolve every season just to impress his customers. Besides, it's those elements that brought him fame in the very first place.
Herve Leger had his bandage thing going on from what? 1990? And thats what he's known for until now.
Well, I think I'll just name them "dress-makers" instead of designers. :D

ingenue said...

Ooh, but I do like the shoulder silhouette he created! Very unique!


Bingboompia said...

X-wen: YA!! So disorganised yet so feminine eh?