Thursday, July 17, 2008

Style: TraiT

Yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt, almost all Singapore fashion bloggers and other fashion enthusiasts would be patriotically getting their copy of the Style: magazine every month.

For me, I only got my array started a few months ago(the issue featuring exoticism with Sheila Sim on the cover). Not because I wanted repeated information off the magazine, which I'm dosing myself off the cyber space everyday, but my acknowledgement of the domestic fashion world.

I never would have known who the hell Daniel Goh, Thomas Wee, Jerry Fu, Skye Tan, Karen Ng and many more, is. Or never would I've known how much hardship Ashley Isham had to went through to get to where he is today.

For this month issue of the magazine, my favourite section would be the "Textbook:Showcase", featuring young local designers! And who would be a better choice other than our very own Sheila Sim to absolutely work those designers pieces.

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