Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's About Time!

Yes, finally, I'm able to see ALL of the latest(well, though late, it is the latest afterall) from Roland Mouret.
Things to clarify:

- I do know Roland Mouret always has his show shown during Paris Couture week, but the confusion on my previous post was caused by how different source classified the show differently. Some said pret-a-porter, some said Couture. So now, it's comfirmed, it's Spring 09.

- As stated by the anonymous comment previous post that it's impossible for RM by Roland Mouret to have his own couture, I beg to differ. RM by Roland Mouret IS NOT a diffusion line of Roland Mouret. It is a brand by itself, not in any similar case like Marc by Marc jacobs to Marc Jacobs, D&G to Dolce & Gabbana or Emporio Armani to Gorgio Armani. The brand "Roland Mouret" is still under the rights of his previous partners, Sharai and André Meyers. So yea, just making things clear.

Alright! Pictures! In full collection!

Darker than expected for Spring 09.


Anonymous said...

first of all, you misinterpreted my statement.

i did NOT state that RM by Roland Mouret was a diffusion line. it's a separate entity by itself, and i know that very well.

and secondly, RM by Roland Mouret is OBVIOUSLY not couture. any idiot would know that previous seasons of RM by Roland Mouret has been sold directly by, so it definitely cannot be couture in any manner.

stop making a big fuss out of nothing.

lastly, the way you blog is rather irritating for the readers. could you stop bolding and enlarging the fonts so frequently? i understand that u might want to bold certain phrases, but too much is too much.

visually, it looks very amateurish and outdated.

Bingboompia said...


What do I get here?

Er, sorry, whoever you are again, I'm not making a big fuss out of nothing really.
Besides, I'm kinda expecting you to reply in this manner when I was writing in this post. But it's ok, I'm cool about it.

Just not so much hate alright? Haha!

Yes, I'm one of the idiots that KNOWS well that net-a-porter do sell items from RM. And though RM might not be couture, my main point for this post is that it's not IMPOSSIBLE for Roland Mouret to COME UP with a Couture line.

So in summary of this misunderstanding,
the question I've been asking was, "Can Roland Mouret HAVE his own Couture".
And the point you wanted to tell me is, "Roland Mouret IS not Couture".

*breath in* *breath out*

Ok, and lastly, thanks for the comment about my mindless bolding and enlarging or texts. I just wanted to emphasize some points but maybe I do seems to have overdone it eh? haha!
I'll improve it!

Anonymous said...

ok lah anonymous. you win lah.

-move on-

Bingboompia said...


I lose liao lo...

Shall cry myself to sleep. HAHA!