Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vicky in Marc?

Victoria Beckham was spotted out with David Backham yesterday dressed up for dinner. She wore a satiny mini dress with huge polka dots that really does reminds me of Marc Jacobs back in the 90s. This, was from the Resort collection of Marc Jacobs which again, is very Marc first of all. Next, the cut and everything does look similar. So, customized?


Laila said...

Actually, I don't think Marc Jacobs suits Victoria, it's not really her kinda style to start it off...
She is more of the Roberto Cavalli kinda woman.

Bingboompia said...

Actually, I DO agree with you Laila!
Marc Jacobs can be too girly at times which just seems unappropriate for Vicky's age.
But still she did walk out in some of Marc's pieces in perfection at times. So maybe it just have to depends on Victoria's choices.