Thursday, July 3, 2008

Elie Saab Fall 08 Couture

From one of the most popular Red Carpet gown designer, thanks to Halle Berry, its yet another stunning show from Elie Saab.

What I truely like about Elie Saab is that there'll always be slight hint of flowing hardness in some of his choice of fabrics and their silhouettes.

But though, it can be hard to TOTALLY pull off those gowns, as it's naturally a little ragged looking or some might call it "cheap-material-looking". Beyonce wore some of his designs at many events and has been on both the hit-and-miss list.


jwen said...

gosh! i love all these! especially the last one in like white? it's so loud yet amazing.. i want that

bingboompia said...

Go buy la! HAHAHA!