Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pre-Fall 09: Zac Posen

Before someone is able to enlighten me, I'm officially confused by the works of Zac Posen recently.
Anything before S/S 08 was just LOVE.
But when he starts to progressively taking more "risk" from Pre-Fall 08 onwards, things just goes from digestible, to puke-able.
"I'll have to apologies, as I hardly critic a designer's work using such harsh words, but I guess I'm over my limits on Zac Posen. He was one my favourite designers!"

Firstly, let's take a look at his latest Pre-Fall 09 collection:

Yea, tell me about it guys. If you think his S/S 09 was incoherence enough, this pre-fall collection just blew that enough. The elements and colours are inconsistent, from exotic prints, to fringe, to ruffles.

I would rather him to stay safe, do what he does best, and still get (another) rave review. Even if he wants to try some risk, BE READY TO CHALLENGE IT FIRST! Not get drowned by it.


jo said...

i'm not sure if that's taking risks.. or taking all the recently popular elements and then mashing them up into a collection hahaha.

Lunar said...

He seems to be confused and overwhelmed by what he wants to focus on, to the point where he just does abit of everything.

trait said...

jo- You got a point there jo! mashing up all the recent trends... But I think the risk that I'm talking about is in reference to his previous works? He used to make such sweet and elegant dresses... Now it's still going for the elegance, but in all the wrong ways...

Lunar- Haiz... Let's see what he will come up with for fall 09 shall we?