Friday, December 19, 2008

More S/S09 Ad Campaigns Rolling in

Sorry for the lack of updates(well, if anyone ever cared), though I'm currently having my holidays now(woohoo!), social life's still quite hectic for me.

More pre-fall collections posts coming up, that's when I re-install my Photoshop application, since I just reformatted my laptop some time ago.

Anyway! Let get back to the title topic. S/S09 Ad campaigns are slowly popping out one-by-one now, and honestly, I'm feeling quite disappointed with what I saw so far.

Prada Homme

Modeled by Louis and Claude Simonon, sons of Paul and Tricia Simonon, the bass player and manager of Punk band The Clash.

Shot by (surprise surprise!) Hedi Slimane.

First of all, let me just say that I have absolutely no freaking idea who the 2 boys are, and secondly, why the hell Hedi?!

It's undoubtable Slimane's getting more recognition nowadays, after those Vogue Homme Nippon and Dazed & Confused editorials. But I really do think that too much of one thing, or in Hedi's case, one signature-turning-boring photography skill, doesn't worth anticipating. Meisel hit right on spot for the past few campaigns, with accurate seize of the collection's mood and character.

With all that aside, why suits? Just when Miuccia added something new to her archives, they chose to stick to the prosaic of primitive menswear. S/S 09 was one of the best menswear collection from Miuccia in a long time, with the slouched silhouettes and interesting fabrics.


Featuring Natasha Poly again, shot by Craig McDean.

Gorgeous collection, magnificent model, crumbled into a awful result by McDean. McDean has always been hitting and missing with his campaigns, so all I gonna say, maybe it's the time or place.


Stephanie Seymour by Mert & Marcus.

(Sorry to be a nostalgia cry baby, but it has been disheartening to see the collection from my girl Alexandra Facchinetti. )

Anyway, this would have to be one of the more delightful campaign here. Kudos to Mert and Marcus for being able to come up with such subtle, feminine, elegant work. And of course, well modeled by Stephanie.

Oscar De La Renta

Raquel Zimmerman, shot by Craig McDean.

One of my favourite pieces from the collection, the side ruffled skirt. But I would have to say that the model chose seems a little off to me. See, I would have preferred someone more elegant and classic to face the house of ODLR. Zimmerman just seems too rough to me in a way.

Max Mara
Eniko Mihalik and Lakshmi Menon, shot by Craig McDean(yes, again).
Boring as usual, but love the inclusion of an asian model. Previous season was Hye Park.


Anonymous said...

prada campaign looks stunning.
meisel was so beyond tacky.
Don't u look precisely like a cliche of hedi slimane's style with your skinny jacket and hairdo to be so ungracious ?

Trait said...

anony- I liked meisel's work actually. Tacky or not, at least he made the best out of the collection, with the right piece choice and mood.
This, looks like any other editorial from hedi don't you think? I understand that it's his signature, but it just doesn't work here for me.

Dinie said...

i dont really get dior homme's.
okay photography.
typical heidi styling.
what are they selling?
zac efron hairspray wigs?

TraiT said...

zac efron wigs?! yuck!

Actually when hedi's still with dior, i'm pretty much in love with almost all his collections. But as soon as kris van assche took over, it's all went teeny bad.

Dinie said...

i agree.
anyway,my hotmail is being a retard,i could not reply to you.
here my msn add:


trait said...


Was worried to ask for it in the comment space, but since you drop it here, i guess it's ok afterall! :D