Friday, December 26, 2008

"It's The Idea Bingboompia!"

The FashionRocks event has always just seem tacky to me. Especially recent years. Like how "related" to fashion when Beyonce tribute to Etta James? Or how demoralizing the crowd were when Beth Ditto sang for Christopher Kane last year?

But of course, I do love some of the presention+performances, ALOT! And one of my favourite would have to be this Alexander Mcqueen presentation + Bjork performace of Bachelorette from the album Homogenic. Maybe I'm being a little bias, since I adore Bjork, and my favourite album from her is Homogenic.

(Please forgive her off-tuned first note and occasional screams)

Bjork and Alexander Mcqueen's history goes back since Bjork's Vespertine days, which is around 2001.

Next video was also from the same year's event, 2003, when Robbie Williams performed "Feel" for Versace:

Yes, this would definitely happen when you put Robbie Williams with models, especially Versace models. HAHA! And look closely at Robbie at 1:07! :D:D:D


Jessica Martiele said...

I'm sorry, was he actually making a HUMPING motion with his hips??? Oh---My---GOSH.

Trait said...

OMG! Shouldn't let a mother of 2 see this! :D

Yes, he is. Anyway, nice of you to comment on my blog! :)