Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-Fall 09: Missoni

With my Photoshop application back on, let's get back on the Pre-Fall collections!

When it comes to prints, most probably the label "Missoni" and it's signature geometric prints would comes to mind.
But this pre-fall season, Angela Missoni seems to embrace the aesthetics of her parents in the 70s more than ever. Her past seasons would also consists of plain pieces that seems to work as a balance element to tackle the possibility of prints overloading. This season, however, makes me re-ponder, why would she need to do that?

Besides the red gown in the forth collage, ever single piece is covered in different geometrical prints, including the tights and outerwear, which is one of Angela's stapled items in most collection. Mostly knitted, it gives the prints a softer edge as compared to those of say, on the silky fabrics of the latest pret-a-porter S/S 09, and Fall 05 collections.
This looks, ironically, more subtle and cozy.
From boringly expectable for years since 2002, to kinda an abrupt Japanese influenced for S/S 09 recently, this might be by far, the best collection I've seen from Angela in a long time.


ASYRAF said...

Is that Siri modelling? Anyways, I've to agree that the collection makes you warm and cozy, much like Sonia Rykiel's fall/winter 08 collection.

However, some of the looks does look a little bit mumsy and the second last dress in the last collage, does look a lilttle bit Balmain-ish from far, maybe because of it's one shouldered look that Balmain did for practically every design on the spring/summer runway...

TraiT said...

yup, siri tollerod modeling.

About looking balmain-ish, maybe... Christopher's more glamorous and to some extend,dare I say, tacky. The missoni looks more soft and girlish I think.

ASYRAF said...

The tacky part, I have to agree. Haha! Pointed shoulder pads comes to mind, especially on dresses!

BTW, come to think of it, I have to say that some of the Balmain dresses, esp the pink wrap dress by Magdalena F and the turquoise wrap dress with sweetheart neckline with jewelled details worn by Snejana O looks a little bit like Herve Leger.

Anyways, already am excited for Fall 09. Fall 08 was the first time I really took notice of fashion week and went to great lengths to search about them online:)

Amelia said...

I really like a few of these pieces, I'm originally not a big Missoni fan, but when they tone down the print use it instantly looks a lot better. Siri is beautiful as well.

TraiT said...

^not forgetting those tutu dresses with trains! Olivier did the same, but did it soooo much better! :D

Anyway, yes. Actually, skin tight dresses are always in vogue, including herve leger's signature bandage styles. So not doubt you'll see some similarities between designers.

We still have to wait for feb! So long! But we're occupied by pre-fall now, and very soon, menswear, then couture, in between! So no worries! :)

TraiT said...

Amelia- Amazing isn't it. Actually, i though angela pumped in alot more prints here, just that it's geometrically designed so finely and closely together, it actually toned down the overall prints of the outfits.
Love angela this season.

Anonymous said...


tis serendipity said...

gosh I love those prints... though seen in its entirety, this collection comes across as a little overwhelming and repetitive. But I like the details and prints of the individual outfits especially the coats. Thanks for sharing!

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