Sunday, December 14, 2008

French Vogue Lara

It was recently annouced that Lara Stone would soon be featured in the february 09 issue of French Vogue, ALL-BY-HERSELF. Yes, the whole issue, 100++ pages of Lara Stone cheekbones and boobs(you should've already been expecting that).
Rumors states that the spread will be modeled after Brigitte Bardot's role in the 1956 film, Et Dieu Créa La Femme("And God Created Woman "), directed by Roger Vadim.

Yeah... Google about that (sorry, blogspot's giving me a hell for uploading pictures.) and you will see how epitomizing lara is for the film.

A scene from the film, which is "considered by some to be one of the most erotic scenes in the history of cinema"(wiki):

It's no secret that Carine loves Lara, since she was the one who re-discovered Lara and gave her those iconic bleached brows. But as much as loving lara myself, delicating the whole issue just on Lara just seems overboard. Oh well, we shall see when the issue's out.

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