Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In Henry Eyes...

Honestly (and/or unfortunately), Henry Holland's quirky aesthetics has always intrigues me. I know myself, fashion should also be fun and rule-less.
So after the ever-going buzz about the man's designs, he had recently done some illustrations for some of the big names in fashion, and his all-time muse, Agyness Deyn(no surprises eh?). The only catch, they're all nude. Also, rumors have been spreading on these illustrations will eventually be printed on T-shirts selling through House Of Holland.
Flattering, or not, admit it, they're for mirth and fun.

Agyness Deyn
John Galliano

Karl Lagerfeld

Donatella Versace

But on the other hand, those subjects being illustrated, I have no idea what they'll be thinking, even though they had already approved Henry's creative editorial.


Song of Style said...

haha this is a little funny LOL

Jin Wen said...

wahahahaha! this is interesting, especially John Galliano.