Friday, December 5, 2008

Pre-Fall 09: Burberry Prorsum

I recalled once, there was a discussion between an anonymous reader and myself about how designers kept on repeating the same silhouette or concept for seasons. Personally, I like when designers creates their own style and signature look, much like Roland Mouret, Roksanda Ilincic, Giambattista Valli or Matthew Williamson.

I also do believe that designers has their own period of different inspirations, like Nicolas Ghesquiere's 08 sculptural or Gaultier's 07 military.

But in the case of Christopher Bailey, I'm starting to wonder whether his current obsession with the autumn colour palette with textured coats (mostly trench), slim bell-bottom pants and statement necklace, is getting a little too far.
Pre-fall 09
(modeled by Eden Clark, who personally, embodies the chilling concept of recent Burberry better than Iekeliene stange)

The history of the inspiration was first presented for Pre-fall 08, theoretically, a year ago. That collection was by far, to me, the best out of the "whole bunch". Bailey created some amazing outerwear, back then, that had lots of volumes yet individually versatile.
Pre-fall 08

And it started to repeat itself.
Fall 08

Resort 09

Spring 09

And honestly, it's getting boring for me. Come on Bailey, I know you can do something better, or DIFFERENT!


Dinie said...

another amazing report by dearest luth.

trait said...

WOW thanks!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot that I gave you my number with the name "luth". HAHA! Cause not many people call me through that name. :D

laila said...

oh god, i didn't realize that. think it will probably happen again for Fall 09 come february, but i still love the pants!

trait said...

Laila- I know that you love the pants! Actually, me too!

But I don't know... It's getting repetitive and boring for me... Let's hope Christopher will come up with something different for F09...