Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For the October issue of Singapore's Haper's Bazaar, Kim Reyes wrote an article called "Labels You Need To Know NOW".

Listed in the article, are how newer designers aesthetics epitomize some of the most well-known and respected designer in the industry now.
Limi Feu was elaborated as "tomorrow's answer to" her father, Yohji Yamamoto. Others listed are Gareth Pugh to Alexander Mcqueen, Chris Benz to Marc Jacobs, Derercuny to Alberta Ferrati, Diana Orving to Sophia Kokosalaki, and more..

Though debatable, I've always think that the best way to discover new designers, in both the case of being avant-garde, or not, is to categorize them into more finite and specific area of design. For example, when you think of Mary Katrantzou , you think of prints. When you think of Sandra Backlund, you think of knits. When you think of Alithia Spuri-Zampetti, you think of Kimonos. This way, you get to understand the identity of the designer in a more dimensional way.

So maybe relating them, with a famous designer, and adding the "tomorrow's answer to" might just be the best way to evaluate?

If that's the case, should I name Yuima Nakazato as "tomorrow's answer to" Hussein Chalayan?
Yuima's Antwerp graduating collection


Dinie said...

today i learnt something new!

TraiT said...

God, it's really motivating when it comes to comments like these! Thanks dinie! :D

laila said...

Oh my god that's total fabulousity! Not heard of her (or him?) before... great stuff

TraiT said...

Laila- YA! Fabulous isn't it?! It's a him! :D

Dinie said...

Sing poor bitch, it's what your country wants you to do.

TraiT said...

You stayed up till so late?!

Wait... Are you dinie? No idea what you're talking about. HAHA!