Friday, January 2, 2009

More S/S09 Ad Campaigns Rolling in (P3)

Bottega Veneta
Emma MacClaren by Larry Sultan.
Looks like Bottega's really experimenting with their photographers. After Anne Leibovitz, Sam Taylor-Wood, Nick Knight and Todd Eberle, Larry Sultan's the photographer for this campaign.
Everything that an ad campaign should be. Simple and straight to the point.

Vlada Roslyakova by Mikael Jansson.
Same model and photographer as last season's campaign. Young and bright, with the right amount of sophistication. What DKNY is about, and both Vlada and Mikael's able to catch the right aura.


Anna Gushina, Ariel Meredith, Cato van Ee, Constance Jablonski, Imogen Morris-Clarke, Tanya Dziahileva, Zuzanna Gregorova by Mario Testino.
One of my most disliked collection from Spring 09 honestly, but I'm somehow feeling better with this ad. Though looked kinda badly photoshopped, but it's able to commercially looks appealing. Well, that's Testino anyway... so...


After speculation of who's the mysterious model, with just a shoe ad preview, Heidi Mount eventually is the one who fronts Chanel, shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself.
How surprising? Of course I'm being sarcastic... It's obviously no secret that Heidi's Karl's muse.
But the campaign's still kinda boring for me. It's like, "Show off the bag Heidi!", and that's all. Nothing about the clothes.
Dolce & Gabbana

Karlie Kloss, Caroline Trentini & MariaCarla Boscono by Steven Klein.
Off the blonde dolls girls go, Dolce & Gabbana chose more exotic and spicy girls to replace Lily and Stam for this campaign. But still, I still preferred past campaign's movements. This looks, just posed. Well, it's still too early to say. Maybe klein might do something interesting with that camera? And of course, can't wait for the shots of the last few gowns in the show.


Anna Jagodzinska & Toni Grann by Mikael Jansson.
Another one of my most disliked collection, Hannah MacGibbon first collection for Chloe. "Wind in the hair" campaign, nothing special... Love the lightings though, which is in my opinion, one of Jansson's strength.

Toni Grann by Karl Lagerfeld.
Thought I would have to say the painting's kinda redundant and down-right random, I think Karl's photography skills here's really brilliant. The angle, the lighting, the shadow, perfect!

Natasha Poly, Abbey Lee, and Lily Donaldson, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.
Natasha's probably the only best thing this campaign has. Sadly. The guy looked lost, lily with the (n)ever-changing expression, and that poor abbey. Always overshadowed by miss donaldson.

Iselin Steiro by Steven Meisel.
So far, much better than last season's ad. And seems like Meisel's changing from last year's blurry image direction to this, can I say story-telling? It's almost like a movie screenshot.

Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen by Mario Testino.

Loved the collection, both kate and gisele looked as gorgeous as always. But at the same time, it looked kinda lazy? It's like, find a seaview backdrop, pose, here you go. Oh well... It's testino again.. So... :)

Photo credit:tfs


ASYRAF said...

OMG Thank you for posting! It gets a little tiring having to rummage through all the posts at TFS!

I've loved Bottega Venneta's ad this season because it was simply striking, which was so much better than last season.

I thought DKNY is not going to make a campaign? Wasn't it supposed to be off the runway images? Anyways, youtful? yes. Different? NO.

With D&G, I agree it looks commercial, but hey, at least it looks better than on the runway!

I liked Chanel, and I ranted quite a bit(TFS of course) on the direction of which the photographer was going towards.

Dolce&Gabbana confuses me with castings. Caroline is of course the golden girl. I just don't see Karlie fitting into the brand. She's much too young. Mariacarla looks like a painting, which is good, but she's so disconnected from Tretini, who looks so into character.

Chloe reminds me of that Vogue editorial by Coco and gang wearing fur climbing mountains/hills. Except this is a second rate version.

I think Toni doesn't/haven't really shown that she photographs well, which is disappointing because she has so many campaigns to prove herself, Fendi included.

For Gucci, first thing I noticed: Queen Poly. The male model looked photoshopped in, i.e disconnected from the cast, and Abbey and Lily's still in Fall/Winter mood with Eniko.

I wanted Raquel for Lanvin, but Iselin's fine. At least she's working it.

Um, isn't there no make-up artist for Kate during this shoot? Giselle looks like a super glam diva and Kate, justs look like what Kate normally loooks like stumbling out of a club with no hair brusher in hand.

I'm so sorry if this comment is too long though... I just spewed out what I thought.

TraiT said...


Am happy that you're analyzing each of them :)
I'm just taking them off tfs, so not much additional hassle. XD

for bottega, yup. agree. striking. looks like they finally found their right photographer?

DKNY has always been using campaigns. Donna Karen still has loads of $$. No worries. HAHA!

D&G, YES! AT LEAST it looked better.

Karl's a little minimalist when it comes to his photography. But this chanel ad, just looks down right boring.

I was quite suprised with the castings for dolce too! Maybe we're just still too used to the blondes in the previous campaigns?

Chloe, I know when edi you're talking about. But I have to say that the US vogue edi was much better. Oh well, shall see when more ads comes popping out.

Toni, looks kinda blended into that picture eh? hmmm...

HAHAHAHAHA!! your "abbey and lily's still in fall mood" cracked me up! XD and sadly, I AGREE!

Actually, i would have prefer olga to continue fronting the campaign since spring 08? She just fits in like sand to sea.

I guess that's kate's signature look? some of her editorials, like those from UK vogue, has very very light make-up, or no make-up at all... you know, her usual glam rock style?

anyway! thanks again for the comment! appreciates that you follow my blog so closely! *BIG HUG*

mode-ulation said...

This post is a great review of the ads =)
I personally love the dolce&gabbana and gucci ads. The latter is so free-spirited and it makes the ss09 collection flawless!