Saturday, January 3, 2009

February 09 Vogue Nippon

Vogue Nippon covers has always been quite a debatable issue, yes I know. But I have to say, their contents has really always been top-notched all the time.

From the february issue's editorials:
Precious Metal

Liya looked ABSOLUTELY FIERCE! Styled by none other than handsome George Cortina. At first I thought it was shot by Nathaniel Goldberg, since it's black and white. Like last month's Freja editorial? But it's in fact, shot by Daniel Jackson, who also likes to do colour-less shoots. Similar, but still amazing work from the talents. Now, take note Hedi.
This would have to be my favourite shot of all, in Alexander Mcqueen S09. LOVE!

Baroque Heart

Magolsia Bela, shot by (surprise!) Katja Rahlwes and styled by Sissy Vian. Not quite sure if this is the first time Katja is working for VN, since she's mostly working with Vogue Paris. People compared her work with Terry Richardson, which I do find a slight similarity. As for styling, Sissy has always been really intelligent with her accessories choices, but for this editorial, she chose diamond jewelries, which is kinda disappointing? Too straight-forward, nothing special.
But would have to give her a hug for choosing some from the Viktor & Rolf S09 collection. As you know, many was disappointed by the virtual runway presentation, and lost interest with the collection as a whole. So yea, kudoos to that.

Alright, I know, I might sound a little too over-analyzed for 2 editorials. Forgive me.


Dinie said...

nothing beats real(?) men doing styling!
okay,maybe because i like him.

Trait said...

you do! He has nice taste!

Works great for vogue nippon. :D

laila said...

i love their editorial fonts, the scribbling thing. along with the font over face i think they are a really unique vogue :)

Trait said...

Laila- haha! As you know, many people are having problems with the front-over-face covers. Honestly, I have absolutely no problem with that. Like you said, unique.

Yeah to Vogue Nippon! :D

Fashion Critic said...

OH my I just ♥ Liya in this picture.

thanks for sharing

TriaT said...

Fashion Critic- Wow! Thanks for commenting! Liya looks extremely fierce eh? :D