Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pre-Fall 09: Balenciaga

I guess, also applicable to Miuccia Prada case, one can never expect what's coming up next from Nicolas Ghesquiere's creative pocket.

For Pre-fall, Ghesquiere seem to have decided to not travel that far ahead of time from Spring 09, and stayed modern.
But Ghesquiere's take on anything can't be anywhere near the conventional. Which is something that I love from the man, alot.

Such varieties. From fur, which consist of coat and gloves, to drop-crotch pants, to different lengths and types of skirts. Matching with the wearability of cruise collections, yet staying true to his avant-garde self.

Though, some of the pieces, I would have to say, are kind of adrupt for the collection. For example, the tweed coat and pensil skirt looks outta place from the collection. Also, some of the pieces reminded me too much of the other designer's works in spring 09, like the fur coat in the forth collage just screams "Gareth Pugh!", while the last dress screams "Giambattista Valli!".


laila said...

good write-up, agree with most of the stuff you mentioned.

something about the gorilla gloves really puts me off, I don't know but they look clumsy D:

Trait said...


At first, I was confused with the gloves too. but I've come to accept it. so... it's kinda ok for me now la...

ASYRAF said...

Shouldn't be saying this, but the fur glover are HOT!

Can still see elements of spring futuristic look, esp in the long dress in the last collage...

Trait said...

Yes, a little. like the last dress in the forth collage?

But to be honest, I'm a little sick of the futuristic trend for the past season. The best futuristic designer to me, is hands down, louis goldin. She did that before anyone else for many seasons.