Sunday, January 18, 2009

Posts for Menswear Fashion Week...

Hey guys!

You guys might (or might not) already know, I'm writing menswear posts for Fashion Nation. If you guys notice, it has been quite some time since the last post of mine was posted, due to the ultra busy schedule of ours, Stephie and Dottie for their worklife, and mine for my school work.

But I'm done with a major project now, so I'm having more extra time in my hands right now. And as you know, it's already the Menswear Fashion Week!
So instead of posting here in TraiT like the past, I'll be posting the menswear coverage at Fashion Nation! (I'm doing the Jill Sander and Burberry Prorsum post this very moment!)

So do check out Fashion Nation for the posts alright! CHEERS! :D:D:D



ASYRAF said...

Congrats on spreading your horizon. I know that you were writing for them, but I don't usually see your posts up there, so YIPPEE, men's collection is finally here. At least there's something to aspire to, or even replicate:D

TraiT said...

yes... like what i said, stephie and dottie's really busy nowadays. they're finding time to blog normal too.
But i guess things would be back to normal soon :)
YEAH! Let the show begin (again)!! :D