Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pre-Fall 09: Oscar de la Renta

When it comes to big shows, not many designers is capable in coming close to Oscar de la Renta. The man comes up with at least 50 pieces each season.

Same for this Pre-Fall season, quantitative-wise. Qualitatively speaking, it's pretty much a disappointment. Yes, even from a famous red-carpet designer, the economic issue still managed reflect clearly.

Every single past collection, ODLR would have dramatic closing, with dynamic and over-the-top floor swipping gowns. But this collection, there's clearly no climax, even though he added two gowns incoporated with my favourite element from Spring 09, the side ruffled dresses.

Besides all the above, ODLR seems to get more experimental for this colletion, with the studded boots and leather jackets. I hope Frida Giannnini had nothing to do with these.


ASYRAF said...

50 designs huh? Maybe it's possible coz the man don't do all of it anyways now. That's what I think. He's rich = capable of hiring people to do all for him:)

Trait said...

Haha! Of course he wouldn't do it on his own. Every big-time designer would have their own team of sub-designers and assistants.