Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flying Rumours

  • After months of speculation, there are words about Olivier Theyskens has officially left Nina Ricci. I love this guy, but I'm not feeling anything at the moment. No shock, no nothing.The reason is that Theyskens had made quite a stur in the industry now, which I think he will find himself SOMEWHERE very soon. Or even better, opening his own label :)

  • Another rumour, Gareth Pugh for Dior Homme? Reviews of Kris Van Assche hasn't been optimistic since his first collection in fall 08, which I agree. KVA just seems so restrained by the image of Dior Homme Hedi Slimane has created for so long. But back to the topic, I'm afraid it might be the same for Gareth. The young designer needs the freedom to explore.


Anonymous said...

but kva is so retarded. hedi slimane's worst assistant, still. just copying the master, trying to be him desesperatly. pathetic and pretentious. Gareth, at least has something.

TraiT said...

To me, kva only has one bad season for dior homme, with is s09. Other than that, both fall 08 and recent fall 09 was quite relevant to his original aesthetics, dark and goth. Only, they looked kinda constrained with skinny blazers and all.
So I think it's kinda unfair to just judge him with that one bad season.
I don get the rant reviews from almost 90% of fashion watchers.