Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pre-Fall 09: Lanvin

A few post earlier, I mentioned that Cruise collections tend to look more commercial than the normal ready-to-wear collections. It's normally to fill the racks of the designer's stores in between big seasons with new items to keep things fresh for the customers.

But it seems that that does not apply to Albert Elbaz for his Pre-Fall 09 collection for Lanvin. How amazing these pieces are! So not Cruise collection looking!

Seems like continuing from the previous Fall collection, Elbaz's still into ensembling long gloves with draping dresses, which looked really classy, like in the 50s. Besides the usual focus on the dresses, Elbaz added some suprisingly amazing outerwears, like the first A-line coat in the second collage.
And please let me add this, I would have to say that Elsa's really working that shoot! :D

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ASYRAF said...

OMG! Albert Elbaz is the best thing that could ever happen to Lanvin!!! I'm swooning over every single piece. If this is for pre-fall, I'm waiting for all the goodness to ooze out during the main runway!!! There's a perfect mix of glam goddess, rock and roll gal and gothic chic!!!

Would die for that jacket/trench in the second montage...