Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pre-Fall 09: Phi

Looks like 2009 is a good year for Susan Dell, founder of Phi, and it's designer Andreas Melbostad. Coming up with their first resort collection, and followed by a pret-a-porter spring collection with reviews, here comes the house's first Pre-fall collection.

Andreas Melbostad would always have a great mix of corporate-looking with the ease and effortless of how most New York-based designers like their collection to be. A great example, his Spring 08 collection, with the oversized blazers and waistcoats styled with high-cut biker boots, is still locked hard in my mind by how stylish it looked.

And it's undeniable that Andreas's strength lies in tailoring. As reflected from this Pre-fall collection again, you can see yourself on and off work with the pieces.

Though the fur leg-warmers just seem kinda out of place, the collection caught on the fall aesthetics really well with the colour palette.


ASYRAF said...

I like, i like amanda laine. This is soo good. The military inspired jacket in the last collage is to die for!! and those boots/heels are hot.
Oh, and thanks for tagging. I nearly placed NP as second choice but thought better of it, coz I'll die of the suspensein waiting whether I've gotten into a jc or a poly.
Business must really suck then for you since you don't like it. Gosh, I know how that feels.

ASYRAF said...

i hope u don't mind, but i posted amanda's pics on her thread since it's so quiet. I've credited you and placed ur url.

BTW, do you know where to find like leather or faux leather sling bags that don't cost a bomb?

TraiT said...

Yup! I think Andreas always include magnificant shoes to his phi collections!

no problem about the tag! Yes! It does suck. My course is actually business IT, WHICH IS WORSE! :(
But it's ok, i'm about to graduate soon. YEAH!

And about using my pics, SURE! I should thank you for that, and credit me in such a wonderful way! :D:D:D

lastly, about the sling bag, hhmmmm... For vintage leather bags, they're pretty easy to find in vintage shops or flea markets. For vintage, you can try salvation army or "something old, something new" near changi hospital.
If you're not looking for those vintage kind, try far east plaza. That place can be trashy on the outside, but is loaded with TONS of treasures. Roam around inside, and you should find something you want.

ASYRAF said...


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