Sunday, January 11, 2009

What Is Style?

An ensemble on you that simulates imitation?
A personal satisfactory view on "clothes"?
Having an item, or two, that crashes people with envy?

It was just when my friend and I were waiting to cross the road on a Saturday evening in town, two guys in black tees and slim-fit jeans were just at the other end, too, waiting to cross.
It was that latest Stephen Spouse's tribute Vuitton scarf, that caught my eyes. The wind from the dashing cars gave the guy a hard time managing the flying scarf, but when he's settled, something else on his hands caught my eyes again.

A cerulean Birkin.

I'm no expert, but I reckon it's the real thing. At that very point of time, tons of pictures of Victoria Beckham flashed through my mind. You know, Birkins, Louboutins, Antonio Berardi dresses...
That lady's known for her head-to-toe labels. And they aren't some rented shit, they're all hers!

All thanks to my another denial self, which snapped me out off the envious state, I questioned, "Stylish?".

You can drown yourself in superior designers everyday like a Russian editor, everytime you walk out of your house gate. But I would have to say, all it does, is just making you look expensive. A statement that is complimentary, or not, is for you to judge.

For me, it's not.

Your thoughts?


ASYRAF said...

I think buying reasonably expensive clothes makes you feel good, speaking from personal experience, but at the same time, you kinda worry about it all the time.

I don't know, but for me, I envy people who's able to get cheap stuff, wear them, look good and feel comfortable. I don't think I'm able to do that. Inferiority complex I have to say.

As for personal style, I've to say that my personal style is pretty generic, afraid to get out of the comfort zone.

But style, for me, is not about wearing the latest designs, or the most expensive clothes, but it's how you make any clothes look good on you, be it a 5 dollar vintage tee, or a thousand dollar suit. At the same time, it suits your personality and presence. I wouldn't want to be wearing a 5 thousand dollar garish red Gucci suit just because a magazine says it's stylish, because hey, it's not my personal subdued style, and it doesn't suit my personality.

ASYRAF said...

Oh, BTW, is AMICA a good fashion magazine? Coz I saw the first issue of the Singapore edition and was thinking of getting it, but there doesn't seem to be too many advertisments and editorials. Opinions?

Trait said...

Thanks for your time for that thoughtful and superb comment ASYRAF!

Agreed on the "cheap, yet looking good" part. If you have all the money in the world, yet you still look hideous in a horrible Zac Posen gown for example, nobody would wanna imitate you.

But all-in-all, I really do believe individualism has a huge part to play. If you're into the style of the stone age and love to dress like the flintstone, yet, still feel happy and confident about it, why not?!

Style is personal.

That's why I named this blog "Trait" in the very first place ;)

btw, about the AMICA mag, i've no idea how good it is to be honest. but if my memory didn't fail me, laila from rock.the.trend did mentioned once that it's quite good?

Dinie said...

Branded goods shows one's status never style.Okay,maybe sometimes.
Style imo,is the swishy-ness of a person's groove when walking.With good fluidity in the outfit or overall look.

Style is one thing.taste is another.but they are both equally important.

But having a personal style is another thing can look fug but if you have identity of your own,then you're an individua.

am i making sense?

Lunar said...

To me, style is a personal interpretation of clothes, its how a person pulls off a look and adds twists to their outfit to make it their own.
Branded clothes only show how much money a person has, and little bout their own personality or creativity.

TraiT said...

Dinie- good point on the fluidity of an outfit.
How well does each piece blend with each other.
And totally agree on the individualistic point.

Lunar- Yup! Same for trends. You can follow all the hottest trends, but if you just imitate off the magazine, you're just imitating the editorial's stylist's work. Not yours.