Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feeling Optimistic Again

(I know everyone should be jaded by the recurring phrase of "in a time like this", or "in the face of recession we're facing now", but I guess they still can't be avoided much.)

In a time like this, it's either you strink, or you expand. Cut down on your expenses, or try all means to get more liquidity, or simply, and the best option, both.

After Donna Karen cancelling her upcoming DKNY runway presentation show in Febuary, and Consuelo Castiglioni cancelling her Marni upcoming menswear Fall show in January, we might be feeling a little unenthusiastic.
But now, we can have enough reasons to optimized again. Recently, both Matthew Williamson and Gareth Pugh had annouced their expansion to Menswear.

Williamson will be presenting the line during January 2010 (most probably the collection for Fall 2010), while Gareth Pugh will be presenting his nearer, the upcoming Menswear Paris fashion week Fall 09, at the art museum Palais de Tokyo.

Matthew Williamson:

"In menswear, there is a fine line between boring and 'costume,' and I want to hit that sweet spot. It won't be about minimalism, but it also won't be about this for men. I think Dries Van Noten, for example, gets the balance right,"

I would have to agree with him, and am glad that he eulogized Dries Van Noten for his balance. His designs are all very wearble, yet innovative. My favourite Menswear collection from the man would have to be Fall 08. About the "balance" that he mentioned there, designers like Galliano would definitely be more costume-like, while designers like Valentino or D'squared looks pretty much the same every season.

Really can't wait to see the prints and incorporation of them into menswear.

Gareth Pugh:

"It just feels like an organic progression and yes, I am going to be very busy working over Christmas!"

Good news just doesn't end for this young talent doesn't it? What avant-garde ideas will he come up with, especially with the more versatility restricted (conventionally) nature of menswear.

Can't wait!


tis serendipity said...

gosh I love how he added that quirky floral canvas bag... just made the entire outfit so much more eye-catching and personal. ;)

trait said...

^!! didnt see you comment till now!!

the bag is from longchamp, a collaboration with jeremy scott. :)