Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm immensely excited for tomorrow's Fashion Nation's 2nd anniversary/Bloggers meet-up. I've got down with what I'm going to wear, what I'm going to bring, yada yada.

The only thing I haven't get down with is the intimidation that comes with it. Let me admit, I am.
These people are invited to parties, fashion events, movie premieres, guest journalist, guest editorial model, and had sufficient knowledge of the industry to be in it, me thinks. So how can I, this sole-home-blogging, poor site layout, no readers/comments, blog stalking amateur blogger mix well with them. I bet I can't even pronounce "Olivier Theyskens" or "Lanvin" accurately over conversations.

DAMN! I DON'T want to be really sipping on a can of Coke light in one corner of Soon lee's beautiful shop and go home to cry myself to bed, like how I foresee 2 months ago when the meeting's still in liquid state.


Dottie said...

Hi Zhiqiang,

I feel a little sheepish reading this post of yours - you shouldn't be intimidated by us!

Hopefully, you are not too disappointed by how normal we turn out to be :) Because we really are just girls having fun with fashion (there are many names we can't pronounce properly as well lol).

It was really fab talking to you at the party this afternoon. I think you're really cute and thanks a lot for the present!

Keep in touch and see you soon!

Bingboompia said...

HAHA! The party was a HUGE success! Eveyone had a great time chatting and snacking, though it feels weird with the fact the though it's the first time we meet, we kinda know each other already!
I'm of course NOT disappointed, you guys look great and are very sweet in fact. I hope you guys like the present, nothing fancy really.
I'm already looking forward for the NEXT meet-up!
See ya!

jo said...

hi zhiqiang! (if you don't mind me calling you by name haha)

just so you know - i was intimidated and a little wary too! but it helped that everyone was so friendly and outgoing and just fun in general.

i didn't really get to talk to you much but it was great to see you in person!

i had to restrain myself from stealing your cummerbund heh heh, not that i could have pulled it off like you did anyway!

Bingboompia said...


It's ok to call me by name really :)
Anyway, yes! I do hope I can talk to you more too! but the short conversation is a great one and you and sarah are VERY friendly! Really appreciates that and hope that there'll be another meet-up coming up! :D

Stephie said...

hey zhiqiang

thanks for the gift! Are you king shopper at Chinatown? You got your cummerband there, yes? We should meet and conquer the area. I have a feeling you know it better than I do...

bingboompia said...

Stephie- King of Chinatown?! HAHAHAHA!!
Actually waaaaaaay back then when I got my cummerbund there, I was recommended by a friend who told me that there are lots of tailors shops which sells at a cheaper price as compared to those in far east plaza.
But I do explore the area and I'm in love with a number of shops selling tropical apparels and exotic jewelries, which are very my kind style.

Anyway, I'm sure we CAN conquer chinatown, with your sharp eyes and quick hands thrifting skills! HAHA!