Monday, August 25, 2008

Fashion Nation 2nd Anniversary + Bloggers Meet Up!

Alright, so here it is.

Despite the freaking heavy rain, my excitement of meeting the other bloggers just won over and I continued on in attending the party.

The theme is to put on a piece that you bought SOLELY on impluse which you end up throwing in the closet and never let it out again once. Mine, was this cummerbund that I bought and had posted it like 4 months ago here. I never wore it really, despite my extreme love for it and the sudden interest of them back then, which I'd also posted here.

So anyway! Here's me at the party. The whole ensemble adds in less than $100. Yup. Shirt and pants are thrifted at $5 each, Cummerbund was $25 back then I think, shoes $25 and socks $5?

Here are my favourite bloggers, from our local ground PEOPLE!

Stephie, with her top hat and a thrifted top.
Dottie in her polka dots dress which looks really nice actually.
Moe Moe, a close friend of Xiu Wen.
And lastly, Xiao Wen from fash-eccentric, wearing a dress she got it from ebay and haven't touched it the day it's delivered, 2 years ago.

The FN girls are really really sweet and Moe Moe is so witty. Xiao Wen just kept making the laughter going with her down-to-earth and funny personality! :D

This is Kay from the Clothes Project wearing a pair of shoes from Puma(if I remember it well) and customized it in different graphics, WHICH I LOVE!!!

Kay is one of the person that I had the longest chat with, and she's also so funny and jovial! LOVE HER!

Jo and Sarah from Wottoncool with Jo wearing a floral print dress and Sarah in a high gladiator sandals.

Didn't had a long chat with these girls but it was also a very friendly one. Very nice!!

Laila, from Rock the Trend, and her poly friends.
Rose, who's on the extreme right is from RP too! Damn, someone knock me slow?

Laila shocked me with her knowledge for the fashion and her network. She can just strike down a new model's difficult russian name or who was featured in which magazine at when. And she's only in TP's YEAR 1! Salute her!

Nisa from Perisacooper, Dinie from poshpalette and the vogueite.

Hmm... Didn't really talk to them which I really wish to(since they are well known in local fashion scene) but saw them in Hereen that night and exchanged a "hi", which was nice :D

Oh, and of course, this is Ching Hsien, a fan of Fashion Nation who I approached personally about my love for her chinese silk high waist skirt. You know me, anything oriental and exotic, I'm in love. For another shocker, SHE MADE THAT SKIRT HERSELF!!! O.O

All-in-all EVERYONE's VERY VERY friendly and I really had a great time there chatting, snacking and snapping. These kinds of meet-ups gives us a chance to meet everyone face-to-face and have a real exchange of knowledge and of course, FUN!

Pictures are from Fashion Nation and Fash Eccentric.


Nicole Then said...

zq i absolutely loved the way you wore the cummerbund. I personally think you wore it better than on the runways!

Bingboompia said...

Wow nicole, I'm absolutely flattered, THANKS!!!

Compliments like this don't usually come by that often, so I really appreciates it :D :D :D

Ching Hsien said...

hey Zhiqiang, great knowing you and thanks for your compliment on my creation... will check out your blog regularly..=) keep in touch!

Bingboompia said...

HI HI Ching Hsien!!

It's super great knowing you too! I had a good time chatting with you! Hope to see you again and your next creation! :D

ingenue said...

Heyyy! Nice knowing you like finally ;) I really dig your style, and those red socks! I'm attempting to dress like that one of these days.


Bingboompia said...


Me too Xiu wen! Really, you have such a strong sense of humor!

Anyway, why not? It's always fun to try new things!