Saturday, August 30, 2008

What A Face

I've no experience in modeling now do I know anything behind it, though I would probably kill to be in it.

However, I do know that, it's tough.

And for those of you who saw the ad of Hermes fall (which aren't news, I know), you should know what I meant.

But to look as gorgeous how it turned out to be, I do have to take my hat off to Mariacarla Boscono.
So raw, so bare, and so breath-taking.


choubelle said...

wow, that is such a beautiful shoot. I adore the last picture. The captures such rawness and captures a rare oneness with the land which fashion frequently seems so devoid of.

bingboompia said...

I agree with you choubelle. Most of the ads would just focus on the item, which is kinda shallow. This ad, it's almost like a postcard. It emits something typical fashion ads are unable to capture.