Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mens Clutch Bags

How could I have forgotten about this?

This, is what I brought to the Fashion Nation Party as well:A clutch bag from Esprit, which was my birthday present from my group of friends. Why a clutch? I was having a sudden crush on them when I saw a group of old Japanese businessman walking down the street with retangular leather note books which was clutched on their hands. That, made me went, "How Chic!".

So ever since, I was looking out for them. And when my birthday came (at May), they gave me this surprise gift which I LOVE!!

But though, I was really thinking a more masculine and simple ones, like those from menswear Prada Fall 08:

But the Esprit one is just good enough really. And I had rave reviews on it, so it's not that bad :D

Alright, so what do you guys think of men clutches? Salvatore Ferragamo also included them in their Spring 09 runway which I posted a review of here.


ro said...

Hello, it was nice knowing you at the party. I forgot to comment that you were darn tall. lol

Cya around~

bingboompia said...


Are you Rose? I can't go to your profile so I've no idea.

Anyway, it was fun wasn't it? And yes, I'm quite tall. With addition with the shoes, too. HAHA!


ingenue said...

ooooohhh. i like your clutch. how come i never see that before?


Bingboompia said...


Oh, I don't think anyone got the chance to flash out their bag that day, if not bags would be another topic for us don't you think?! XD

jo said...

i didn't see that! love the buckle on it :D

bingboompia said...

Yup! Me too! The buckle makes the clutch in many ways.

Stephie said...

Definitely didn't see your clutch... I love it.

I posted a dude with a monogrammed organizer some time back, and I think it makes a statement about the carrier, which I like. I think it's much harder for men to dress, seeing there is a lack of concentration other than the normal shirt/formal details.

So looking into cuffs, pockets socks, buttons, all make a lot of importance/difference for menswear... just my take on it.

Bingboompia said...

Yes stephie!! It's reeeeally hard to have much creativity for the menswear. That's why I've always like John Galliano and Gaultier's works which are always bold and different even for the menswear.

clutch_envy said...

Fantastic Esprit clutch! I can't find it anywhere. Where can I find it? What's it called? I tried various Google searches and I couldn't find it. Please help, I gotta' have one!

OuZ said...

OMG!! i'm really obsessed with cluthes right now' they are hot practical and easy to carry!!
ps.i really like a clutch form gucci men fall 09 ;) check it out!

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