Friday, August 22, 2008


I love Charlize Theron, I could shout that in the streets. She's beautiful, she talented, she seems like a nice person, and most importantly, she owns this gifted ability of rocking most of... well, EVERYTHING she wears!
Now here, it wouldn't take 0.0042 seconds for you guys to stamp down the designer of this dress eh?
Of course, it's Prada. Same for the shoes.

Now, solemnly, aren't you guys jaded?
  • Miuccia Prada is one of the top designer of our time, I know it well.
  • The lace thing is BIG for the fall, I know it well.
  • Publication is important, I know it well (I'm currently studying business -related)
But isn't it a little too far to be gracing the covers for 60%(?) of all the fashion magazines in August & September? I've officially lost count of the covers it had appeared on.
I'm sorry for sounding so fuming but it's just me. I need C-H-A-N-G-E-S


Anonymous said...

so true, quick glance at newstands proves just that.fall winter screams PRADA LACE. i do still love prada but it's just over marketed for fall winter :(

bingboompia said...

YA! Thats exactly what I meant really. I love Muccia Prada and her creations, including the latest season's lace and all, but it's getting outta hand.