Friday, October 17, 2008

Behind the Backdrop: Haider Ackermann

Enough of models, collections, accessories, and anything getting the limelight. Lets talk about the designers, the main group of people that made "Fashion" exist in the very first place.

I'll continue on an array of similar posts about some of my favourite designers. You might have noticed that I'm in love with MANY designers, so this might be a good chance to clearly display them uniformly, because obsessions are sometimes meant to be flaunted!

This post is dedicated to Haider Ackermann. The man who I truly thinks that possesses a perception of his own for fashion. You may know styling, you may know fashion or you may come up with unexpected collections every season, but all in all, it's the subject that makes fashion subjectively good looking. It's what one perceive how fashion should be, how it should be presented. Haider Ackermann couldn't epitomize that better.

His style audibly reflects his designs like a mirror, with multiple loose drapes suffused by street influences.

"It has never been my goal to be an avant-garde designer and it certainly would not reflect my personality. My aesthetics are certainly not revolutionary and eye-catching. It’s more about discreet, muted colours, about searching for a certain luxury of not caring, but also trying to respect and not take away the attention from the woman’s face with clothes or decoration…"

Almost explicitly fanatical on scarves, ragged and the laid-back look, the now 37 young Columbia-born gentlemen might often be mistaken as an artist or Egyptologist when viewed superficially.
But who knows, his creations are now widely acclaimed worldwide since his signature debut in Fall 2002.

A truly inspiration for me. Despite how "late" he started out in fashion, leaving out his internships in John Galliano and being an assistant for Belgian designer Wim Neels, he never stopped striving towards his love for fashion. That was eventually rewarded with the support from Raf Simons, who helped him significantly to penetrate into the grid of fashion.

From how the industry is now filled with the young and fresh talents, it's such a provident reminder that though it's important with a huge part of luck, an equivalent amount of perseverance is also the another core.

Photo credit: Style, the Sartorialist

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