Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Valentino

I was having this mild depression last night when it's gone official that Alessandra Facchinetti would be leaving Valentino after just 3 seasons. To me, it's really a heartbreaking news as I thought that Alessandra really did brought in something new into the Valentino house with her subtle and soft femininity aesthetics.
Very different from Garavani's bold and direct works with extreme vibrant colours and overloaded with strong feminine elements like bow ties, polka dots, laces, glitterings. But to me, those elements gets old and used since he had been doing the same thing since the 70s.
What's more upsetting is the fact that this is NOT the first thing Facchinetti's being replaced after 2 or 3 seasons, the previous one is Gucci. And at both times, being replaced by the accessories department! How depressing is that?!?!?! And please guys, look at Gucci now. It can't get any more commercial and sales-greedy under the creative direction of Giannini.

Sigh... Along with everyone who's feeling with Alessandra now, I also do hope she would have a house label of her own. She needs to be free from the shadowing of other names, that's when she can do whatever she wants, and I do believe, that would be the best place she can be.

So now, her last collection for Valentino:

More experimental with bolder colours like forest green and ocean blue, but her detailing are still very precised with the rope-liked twisting at the necklines and shoulders. A little Grecian for the embroideries, but still very sophisticated for the urban and contemporary.

Moving to the evening, the best area which she's at, are as magnificent as ever with ultra soft fabrics and the plays of the draping.
And of course, not forgetting the signature red dress/gown from every Valentino shows. This proved that Alessandra's always paying tribute to Garavani, which is extremely nice of her.

Now, just when will someone be NICE to her?

I'll miss you Alessandra, and till next time...

*But I'm ok now. Watched some clips of Sonia Rykiel's latest 40th anniversary show made me felt so much better.*

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