Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peter Som: "Farewell Bill Blass"

All infused with whole lot of business politics in the industry, designer names flying across labels shouldn't be much of a surprise. Being assigned can be a thing, but making A HIT can be quite another.

Remember these amazing pieces Peter Som did for his debut runway show in Bill Blass in Fall 08?

You might find them familiar, as these are some of the many pieces that graced magazine covers, being featured in editorials and rocking out the red-carpets.

But, you might gonna miss similar pieces(or better) as Peter Som recently announced his departure from Bill Blass. Well, it shouldn't be much of a surprise since there weren't any show from Bill Blass for Spring 09 and people were already speculating Peter Som would wave his graceful goodbye to the house.

Peter Som at the recent Fashion Group International's Gala

No specific reason was out from the man, but I'm pretty sure that there might have some artistic differences between the designer and NexCen Brands Inc., the company owner of the house, since even Anna Wintour couldn't persuade Peter Som to renew his contract.

What a pity, I really liked how well both Peter Som's and the house's reputed aesthetics fused with each other. Well, of course, it is to note that Bill Blass one of the first few houses that he designed for after he graduated from Parsons.

Looks from Peter Som Fall 07 to Spring 09

So who would take over the Bill Blass big name? We shall see...


laila said...

alessandra... ohmygod what a wild guess ;-P

but seriously she should be taken up soon.

trait said...

HAHAHA!! I donno leh.. Bill Blass seems too american for alessandra don you think?