Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In her shoes...

Laila and I was joking the other day about my obsession with Olivier Theyskens might just end up like how BryanBoy is to Mac Jacobs.

Shamefully, I think I might.
Plus, when I saw these pictures from the November issue of US Vogue, I think I just shitted in my pants by how jealous I am toward Reese Witherspoon.

From Tfs


jo said...

more cool cummerbund action! i have yet to wear my pants with the pseudo cummerbund. sigh. i wrist-envy you.

Trait said...

Wear it already!!

Actually that's a shawl tied (tightly) onto the waist, which is something I kept on doing. But it does have the same effect of a cummerbund! :D

Jana TheJunction said...

I think Reese Witherspoon is just not the right person to "represent" Olivier Theyskens. There's something about her that I always found irritating.

trait said...

Jana- Haha! Honestly, I do agree. Reese's very sweet looking? And I've always been quite confused by Olivier's designs sometimes. Sometimes he's extremely goth, and at other times, he can be absolutely elegant and classy. So as much as I love him, I'm sure people would be having a hard time on selecting the "right person" for him.