Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Hussein Chalayan

For a home-based blogger like me, SO MUCH drama in a day of fashion can be exhausting! No, drama in PARIS to be specific.

So when it comes to defining "drama" in Hussein Chalayan, the word "CRASH" can't be anymore literal.
For most of the prints, Chalayan used images of crashing/crashed cars. (When I first saw the collection, I was confused by the prints at first as there're car plates and all mushed-up till it's hard to make out the print.)

And of recent, Chalayan loves to infuse new technology into his pieces. LED(Light Emitting Diode ) dresses in fall 07 and now, this architectural plastic-looking material for most of the dresses.

Though, there are a fair section of the show dedicated to the soft and flowing pieces. Swimsuits with high-up thigh cuts are countered with ultra thin fabrics in the form of jumpsuits which are very interesting.

But the highlight of the show would have to be the closing. Dresses with back "spikes" came onto the runway with heavy fan blowing against the models. That moment, created such a gorgeous display much like an art piece.

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